ALIDI Ethics and Compliance Hotline

Welcome to the Ethics and Compliance Hotline website!

The Ethics and Compliance Hotline accepts requests (including anonymous ones) from Applicants (including ALIDI Employees, Business Partner employees, Third Parties) related to:

  • on any facts known to the Applicant of unfair or unethical behavior related to the activities of ALIDI;
  • offering or receiving Bribes or Bribery;
  • abuse of office and abuse of authority;
  • theft of assets, theft of valuables or property belonging to ALIDI;
  • illegal dissemination of ALIDI confidential information;
  • violations of the regime and rules of labor protection;
  • harassment, discrimination of Employees, violation of fundamental human rights and freedoms in the workplace;
  • conflicts of interest;
  • deliberate distortion, falsification of financial and management reporting;
  • illegal trade, including the sale of counterfeit or counterfeit goods;
  • unfair competition;
  • inappropriate advertising;
  • violations during the procurement procedures;
  • violations of antitrust laws;
  • violations of legislation in the field of trade secret protection;
  • any other violations of ALIDI's policies and procedures, as well as actions (inaction) that cause or may cause material damage or harm ALIDI's business reputation.

Important! If the case you would like to report is life threatening, you should call the emergency immediately.

If you have any questions while filling out the Form, please contact the Compliance Department by email at

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